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Through services including Windshield Repair, Auto Glass Replacement, and Auto Glass Tinting our team is focused on providing quality services. All of our work is delivered with remarkable customer service and detail. Having customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we are certain you will be pleased with the results. 


Today's glass is now considered ”Smart Glass”. Your everyday passenger vehicles are becoming as advanced as your latest cell phone. The Toyota Highlander, for instance, has 9 different options for windshields. 

The important point here is when you have your windshield replaced, you need a highly trained, certified professional glass company to remove and replace your cars sophisticated windshield.


Here are a few of the components involved in today's modern windshield replacement.

  • (HUD) Heads up Display

  • (RS) Rain sensing wipers

  • (CD) Condensation Sensor

  • (HM) Humidity Sensor

  • (SOL) Solar, Ultra Violet light blocking

  • (ACI) Acoustic Interlayer

  • (LDWS) Lane Departure Warning System

  • (LKA) Lane keep assist

  • (FCA) Forward crash alert

  • (NV) Night Vision

One of your most expensive purchases in life shouldn’t be left in the hand of an untrained facility.

Contact us to get your auto glass replaced today!

Rock chips left unattended can lead to expensive replacements. This alone is a great reason to have Lizard Auto Glass repair your little chips as soon as possible.

Rock Chips no matter how small is ten times more likely to spread if within 8″ of the top, sides or bottom of the windshield.


This area is where the glass has the least amount of tinsel strength. A chip here left unrepaired will mean that you will need a replacement soon. Don’t let this happen to you! Keep this inexpensive repair from becoming a higher cost replacement.

Did you know your repair can be free if your vehicle has comprehensive coverage?
Your insurance provider will pay for the rock chip repair with no out of pocket cost to you. We handle the entire process for you.


Simply provide us with your Insurance Information and Lizard Auto Glass will invoice your Insurance company directly! You drive-in, we repair and you're on your way.


Simple, fast and most of all, saves you the cost of replacement. Chip repairs start at only $65!

Modern vehicles today are equipped with tints from the manufacturers, but only the rear half of the vehicle.


When you need to stay cool in California's hot summers, you’ll need the rest of your car tinted as well.


At Lizard Auto Glass, we use only the highest of quality films with a limited or lifetime warranty.

Some of the advantages of tinting

your windows are:

  • Tinting your windows lowers your vehicles interior temperature.

  • In the event of breakage, window tint can provide greater protection from glass shards.

  • Tinting protects you and your interior from harmful Ultraviolet rays.

  • Tinting helps keep your interior private.

  • Tinting adds that custom look.

  • “Limo Tint” for a total eclipse of light.

  • We tint Single pieces for as little as $50 and complete tints for $199 and up.

We also offer tint removals and retints if needed. 

At Lizard Auto Glass, we do it right the first time, on time, every time.

We Warranty replacement and tint for life. Give us a call one

of our specialists will gladly help with any questions you might have

Additional Services 

  • Commercial Flat Glass

  • Board Up Services

  • Custom Cut Glass
    Can't find what you're looking for?

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